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Final Conference of the European project AgroFE

9 Decembere 2015, dalle 13.00 alle 15.00

In Europa l’‪Agroforestazione‬ è al centro.

Se ne parlerà il 9 dicembre al Parlamento Europeo – Bruxelles

Education in agroforestry:
Building today’s and tomorrow’s agriculture

Agenda ENAgroforestry, the fact of associating trees with crops and/or livestock on the same land, is an ancient practice which was abandoned after the Second World War. It is applying again mainly because its environmental and economic benefits are significant. The effective development of agroforestry and its ownership require notably that all the professionals (farmers and future farmers, students, advisors and tutors) are well informed, trained and advised in order to acqu
ire the necessary knowledge and skills. Launched in 2013, the European project AgroFE – Agroforestry Education in Europe – aims at building an education system in agroforestry thanks to the use of new technologies and the involvement of all professionals. The partners of the project will present the main AgroFE achievements and will discuss with the audience the role that professional education should play in the development of agroforestry in Europe.

English Agenda

French Agenda

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